Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are available with the following membranes: Nylon, MCE, Polyethersulfone, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF & Regenerated cellulose. Porosities range from 0.1 µm - 10 µm, available filter diameters range from 4 mm (up to 2 ml sample volume) up to 30 mm (up to approx. 200 ml sample volume). Adapted with luer-lock in order to prevent filter blow-off. The membrane & porosity is imprinted on filter housing for certain identification.

Stirrer Bars

Our stirrer bars are made from PTFE making them great for inert work. With dimensions from 2 mm up to 30 mm they are compatible with even the smallest containers. For perfect stirring cylindrical, oval, crossed shapes are available. Stirrer bars come in range of different colors. 

Syringes and Pipets

Over 1000 types and variations of micro syringes are manufactured today. Our syringes range from 0.5 µl to 100 ml for precision sampling. Typical application varies from dosage in chromatography, spectroscopy, preparation of standard solutions. For both manual application and for use in autosamplers, diluters, dispensers and other liquid handling instruments. Precision diluter valves are also available as a recent addition to the production range.

Fluidic Connectors

Our comprehensive line of standard and custom tubing, connectors, fittings, and flow control devices meet the demanding requirements of today’s high- performance fluidic systems. This section covers for specialty, high-performance polymers and distinct materials designed to work with your system needs. We offer unique product such as biocompatible PEEK-lined stainless steel tubing as well as an assortment of high pressure and fluoropolymer tubing. All of our fittings, filters and frits and connectors come in a variety of materials and styles. We can provide micro and nano-scale dimensions and well as custom forming, assembly, and kitting. We also offer our RI detector that provide high resolution and low dispersion detection for HPLC applications.

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Our high precision tubing is found in high performance pumps, injection valves, connective tubing, fittings, check valves, degassing systems, liquid-end assemblies, and i.e. flow cells used in configurations customized to the specifications of analytical, clinical diagnostics and biotechnology instrument manufacturers. Any type, dimension and lenght is available - share with us what you need so we can return the possibilities. 

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