NEW Polymer Encapsulated Silica
HPLC RP Stationary Phases for UPLC and Process applications
Poster HPLC2011
Developed for all of you who are not satisfied with current separations...battling with  too many columns giving similar poor results... open to a different approach to RP chromatography...time to consider alternatives....still RP C18, but with  much more...
Despite the latest technology advances, including UPLC technology, improved hybrid inorganic/organic and reduced porosity packing materials, separations can still be problematic. Manufacturers continue to introduce new products, often have similar design criteria and accordingly similar performance, and also very expensive equipment.
We were always convinced that there was fertile ground remaining for increasing the separation power of modern columns, when considering the current base materials and surface modification methods.
That separation power should be the result of a balanced combination of the resolution, selectivity, efficiency, and defined by the chemical and physical properties of fundamentally new packing materials.
We present to you today a novel nano-composite material, which is a result of combination of two well known chemistries:  silica and organic polymers.
This unique material combines the best properties of both while avoiding the shortcomings of each used separately.
For the benefit and convenience of all users, the improvements in separations can be equally achieved with classical HPLC and UPLC applications.
As colleagues, we are acutely aware of the responsibility of chromatographers and senior analytical scientists.  Therefore, the unpolished basic facts that we present to you, will allow you to make unbiased judgements and evaluate  solutions for your  particular separation requirements. To discover seven Highlights or  for complete information :
Dr.George Abrahamyan
CEO Shant Laboratories
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