Solid Phase Extraction

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a method of sample preparation that concentrates and

purifies analytes from solution by sorption, followed by elution of the analyte with

a solvent appropriate for instrumental analysis, such as LC-MS. Porvair Sciences

offers a complete range of products to implement SPE. MicroLute™ is the original 96-well plate

format for SPE. This device consists of a polypropylene 96-well plate loaded with a

choice of sorbent and sorbent volumes. The frits have a mean pore size of 20 microns and

are made from microporous high-density polyethylene.


● Choice of popular sorbents

● Packed bed volumes from 10mg to 100mg per well

● Frit pore size 20μm

● No channelling due to proprietary sorbent loading technique

● Working volume of 2ml per well

● Up to four times quicker than cartridge systems

● Long drain directors locate accurately with collection plate to avoid cross contamination

● Virgin polypropylene, tested and chosen for having no extractables

● Plate designed to be automated, meets SBS/ANSI specification


Sorbent Phases