Sample Injection

 SYKAM S 5200 Autosampler
The system can be upgraded at any time from the basic version for fixed volume injection with sample loop overfilling, up to variable volume injection mode for variable volumes from 1 - 100 μl (optional up to 500 μl) without changing the sample loop. With the next upgrading step, the S 5200 can be used for fully automatic sample processing fro pre-column derivatization. In the derivatisating mode, up to three independent reagents can be added to a specified sample volume, mixed with sample and programmed with independent reaction times. In addition, the sample can be diluted with more than 100 times (depending on sample volume and syringe volume). For temperature sensitive samples, the sample tray can be cooled or heated with the optional cooling system.

For chemical inert operation, the instrument can be delivered for fully metal-free sample handling (completely equipped with PEEK and FEP materials, including sample needle). A wide range of sample racks and sample vials can be used for operation from 1 μl up to 5000 μl or by using micro titer plates. Simple operation through large alphanumeric display menu.

Cat.-No. Description
10 50 001 S5200 Autosampler, Fix Volume
10 51 001 Update: Variable Volume
10 51 002 Update: Derivatisation
10 51 003 Option: Heating/Cooling
10 51 004 Option: Inert Version (PEEK)
10 51 005 Option: Preparative Version

Technical Specifications

    • Sampling System: X-Y-Z-Operation; stepper motor driven syringe
    • Sample Capacity: 120 vials in 2 racks á 60
    • Sample Loop: standard: 20μl
    • Material: Stainless Steel or PEEK
    • Reproducibility: Fix Volume: < 0.5% Variable Volume: <1.0%
    • Memory Effect: <0.01%
    • Wash Program: freely programmable
    • External Control: analoge control & RS-232
    • Display: 4-character
    • Dimensions: 415 x 300 x 445 mm
    • Power: 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Weight: 20 kg
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