SYKAM, S 3210 UV/Vis Detector
    Diode Array Technology, Photoconductor Optics and Dual Lamp Source.
  • Diode Array Technology for wavelength change without any mechanical moving parts.
  • Online scan of wavelength and collection of spectra data without stopping the flow or interrupting the running analysis (optional).
  • Dual lamp (deuterium/tungsten) for a spectral range of 190 - 720 nm.
  • Integrated peak detector with programmable delay time.
  • Integrated solvent recycling system (3-way solenoid valve optionally).
  • External START, external AUTOZERO via TTL signal.
  • Serial interface (RS232C) for external control.
  • Programmable change of wavelength (up to 10 steps).
  • Full DAD operation mode with ChromStar software (optional).
    Technical Specifications
  • Optic System: 256-Diode Array
  • Wavelength: 190 to 720 nm
  • Bandwidth: 2 nm per Diode
  • Range: 0.0005 to 2.0 AU
  • Drift: <3.0x10-4 AU/hour
  • Noise: <5.0x10-4 AU
  • External Control: RS232
  • Features: Peak Detector w. Valve Control, Wavelength Scan (optinal)
  • Display: 2x20 Character LCD
  • Dimensions: 355 x 225 x 160 mm
  • Power: 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: ~9 kg
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