Empty Cartridges and Columns

Our products in this category range from open cartridges with optional luer lock connector -the cartridge itself with or without flange- and different frits to columns with double luer lock. The cartridges and columns can easily be loaded with Silica material of your choice. A wide variety of connectors is available for smooth system integration. Contact us for your specific needs.

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Phase Separators

Phase Separator Columns are efficient to separate aqueous phase from chlorinated solvents under gravity. These ready-to-use cartridges are fitted with a proprietary hydrophobic frit and are a great alternative to liquid-liquid extraction, the most popular technique to do this separation. However, this last method is time consuming, requires the use of a glass funnel which needs to be washed between each separate extraction and is not suitable for multiple extractions. Phase Separator Columns solve these drawbacks and offer many advantages such as: Ease of use and Efficient and cost saving, Comply with “Green Chemistry” philosophy, and are Compatible with automated systems.

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