Reservoir Trays

Reservoir Trays

Reservoir trays are designed for use with any robotic liquid handling system. These reservoirs offer options for a single liquid or a partitioned space for several liquids. Most working configurations are accounted for as well as varying liquid volumes. Made to take a range of liquid handling configurations from 8 or 12 channel pipettes through to 96 or 384 pipette heads.

● Pyramid bottom for very low dead volume

● Robot friendly 

● Moulded in natural virgin polypropylene

● Chemically and heat resistant

● Autoclavable

● Can be gamma irradiated

● Made to SBS/ANSI standard dimensions


NEW: SD402852-100:

Each section can accommodate a maximum volume of 144mL. The dead volume of reagent is reduced with a "V"-shaped pyramid bottom, while allowing 8-channel pipette access without distorting tip alignment. The deep-well, ANSI-SLAS footprint and rigid wall construction ensure safe and effective handling. The two reservoir sections are separated by a thin wall dimension permitting access by automated 96-channel liquid handlers.

  • Reduced evaporative surface area.
  • Orientation maintained by beveled corner and A1 labeling.
  • Natural polypropylene
  • Autoclavable

SD400686-100SD400686-100; RESERVOIR 12 COL HH PYR PP 170ML 25/CS


SD401236-100SD401236-100;STORAGE PLT 48 WELL 7.5ML RECT PYR 25/CS

SD401238-100SD401238-100; STORAGE PLT 48 WELL 5ML RECT PYR 25/

SD401240-100SD401240-100;STORAGE PLT 96 WELL 2ML SQ PYR 25/CS


SD401242-100SD401242-100;STORAGE PLT 96 WELL 0.7ML SQ FLAT 50/CS

SD401244-100SD401244-100;RESERVOIR 96 WELL PYRAMID PP 287ML 25/CS

SD401246-100SD401246-100;RESERVOIR 96 WELL PYRAMID PP BLK 25/CS

SD401250-100SD401250-100;RESERVOIR 12 COL PYRAMID PP 290ML 25/CS

SD401252-100SD401252-100;RESERVOIR 8 ROW PYRAMID PP 290ML 25/CS

SD401254-100SD401254-100;RESERVOIR 96 LP PYRAMID PP 86ML 25/CS

SD401256-100SD401256-100;RESERVOIR 12 COL PART PYR PP 21ML 25/CS

SD401260-100SD401260-100;RESERVOIR 8 ROW PART PYR PP 32ML 25/CS

SD401264-100SD401264-100;RESERVOIR 384 PYRAMID PP 282ML 25/CS

SD401266-100SD401266-100;RESERVOIR 384  LP PYRAMID PP 92ML 25/CS


SD401270-100SD401270-100;RESERVOIR LOW PRO FLAT BOT PP 90ML 25/CS

SD401272-100SD401272-100;STORAGE PLT 24 WELL 10ML SQ PYR PP 25/CS

SD401274-100SD01274-100;STORAGE PLT 384 WELL 0.16ML SQ PYR 25/CS


SD401276-100SD401276-100; STORAGE PLT 96 WELL 1.1ML SQ V BOT 25/CS

SD401278-100SD401278-100; RESERVOIR 384  LP 4X CONTROLS PP 25/CS

SD401280-100SD401280-100; RESERVOIR 12 COL PART LP PYR PP 25/CS

SD401282-100SD401282-100; RESERVOIR 8 ROW PART LP PYR PP 25/CS

SD401284-100SD401284-100; RESERVOIR 6 CL PART PYR PP 47ML 25/CS

SD401286-100; RESERVOIR 384 2X CONTROLS PP 25/CS

SD401288-100SD401288-100; STORAGE PLT 384 WELL 58UL SQ PP 60/CS

SD401290-100; STORAGE PLT 384 WELL 58UL SQ BLKPP 60/CS


SD401294-100SD401294-100; RESERVOIR 16 ROW PART LP PYR PP 25/CS

SD401296-100SD401296-100;RESERVOIR 24 PART LP PYR PP 25/CS

SD401298-100SD401298-100; RESERVOIR 24 COL PART LP 3.5ML PP 25/CS

SD401300-100SD401300-100; RESERVOIR 384 HH 4X CONTROL PYR PP 25/CS

SD401302-100SD401302-100; RESERVOIR 384WELL HH PYR PP 170ML 25/CS

SD401304-100SD401304-100; RES PLATE 384  PART LP WAVE BRK PP 25/CS

SD401307-000SD401306-100; STORAGE PLT 48 WELL 4.8ML SQ PYR PP25/CS

SD401308-100SD401308-100; RESERVOIR 4 CL PART PYR PP 73ML 25/CS

SD401312-100SD401312-100; RESERVOIR 4 ROW PART PYR PP 73ML 25/CS

SD401379-100SD401379-100; STORAGE PLT 96 WELL 2ML SQ PD702 25/CS

SD402061-100SD402061-100; STORAGE PLT 24 WELL SQ RD TP HOLES 25/CS





Disposable Reservoir Trays For Manual Use

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