Glass MPLC Columns

Glass Column for Self Packing Flash Chromatography,Manual Variable plunjer (25 cm) for flexible packing
ID.82 mm x Length 42 cm. max. Pressure 10 bar: ca.1 kg Silica. Ref.SD82-420
ID.136 mm x Length 30 cm. max.Pressure 5 bar: ca.1.9 kg Silica. Ref SD136-300
ID.162 mm x Length 40 cm. max.Pressure 5 bar: ca. 3.6 kg Silica. Ref. SD162-400
SD Production Columns
Glas with Mantel
optional Temperature Control Sleeve.

Packing of Glass Columns: DCVC Method*
Glas Columns
Use Silica in the range of 15-40um, and put this on the filter of the column. Use the Vortex to make a solid Silica Packing. Tap on the table for the final result of the packing.
Connect a Vacuumpomp on the filtercolumn, use 1 column volume of Heptane with the pomp running. The solventfront must be horizontale.
Stap 1
Use also a 2-way teflon valve for releasing the vacuum, no problem to let the column run dry.
Solid loading with Hydromatrix (Diatomacious Earth), your product solved in Chloroform or else together with Hydromatrix.  Start with a heptane fraction and let the column run nearly dry.  Make a mix of Ethylacetate and Heptane to have the same column volume, collect in a tube with the valve.
Stap 2
Next fraction mixtures with a more ethylacetate/Heptane. In general the percentage Ethylacetate fractions differer a lot, so you have a max of 7 fractions.
* Thanks to Bas de Waal, TUE
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